Watch the video or read below!

“Hello, my name is

Melanie McClure.”

If it is OK, I would like to share a little bit about my love life.

Before I discovered Tantra,

I had never had an orgasm,


despite having dedicated talented boyfriends who tried really hard to help.

I thought I might be broken or that something was wrong with me.

And I learned that I was not alone;

Over 60% of women in America today, have trouble reaching orgasm.

And many women will never experience climax, because

no one showed them how. 

Even among those who believe they have amazing sex,

99% don’t have a clue what is possible.

After discovering Tantra, I understood loud and clear when I was having an orgasm.

Fireworks and waves of awesomeness throughout my whole body were actually real.

I soon became multi-orgasmic and could orgasm again and again, for as long as I wanted.

I went from having orgasms to being orgasmic.

Now, I am Orgasmic through our entire lovemaking and beyond.

And now, not only am I orgasmic all the time,

but when I have orgasms and my hubby is in the same room,

he has orgasms automatically from my energy too!

We believe it is really important to get this message out there,
So now, you too, may learn simple and easy practices to take your relationship to…
amazing depths of love, and greater heights of orgasmic bliss.

For Example:

We discovered how to get out of the trap of falling into argument patterns.

We learned how to let go of worry, stress, shame and guilt.

By clearing all this out with Tantra, my heart and body opened to feel an unbelievable flow of energy.

But, I am getting ahead of myself, let me tell you how this all got started.


I learned Tantra from my beloved, Scott

He got started in Tantra over 19 years ago, because he was having issues with…

Premature Ejaculation

And I am so thankful that he did.

Have you ever attempted to make love with someone that could only last 15 minutes or less at sex?

A recent statistic stated that the average lovemaking session worldwide is:

Only 7 Minutes Long!

And, for the average woman to even achieve their first orgasm, it takes…

At least 30 minutes.

Not only was Scott not that great at lovemaking at the time, but he was ill and disabled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

He was so tired, that he also often experienced Erectile Dysfunction.

With the help of Tantra, however,

He was able to make a full recovery!

Now, he never has issues getting it up and can last as long as he wants.

This all came about, because he decided to dedicate himself to the quest of…

“Being the Best Lover Possible, for his True Love”

Even though he would not meet me yet, for many years.
Tantra enabled him to learn how to have orgasms, without ejaculating.

Once he mastered this, he learned how to have full-bodied, multiple orgasms.

And then, evolved into being orgasmic, for long periods of time.

In fact, on many occasions, we have been able to achieve an…

Orgasmic State For Over 12 Hours

Now, I know this sounds like a fairy tale. Even the concept of a guy separating orgasm from ejaculation sounded ludicrous when we first heard of it. We were both very skeptical that what we experience now, was remotely possible, In fact, we didn’t believe these milestones were possible, until after we experienced them

So, at this point you may be asking yourself.

What is Tantra?

Tantra means an interweaving of parts and expansion of consciousness.

Tantra has been around for almost 6,000 years. There are many types of Tantra that have evolved over time.

Ecstatic Hearts Tantra focuses on connecting more deeply with others.

Our Tantra is a practice of using sexual energy to reach higher states of consciousness.

Though not a religion or even belief system, it is considered a spiritual practice.

It helps one to achieve a closer connection with whatever higher power one believes in.

Even better, it is a lot of fun and feels amazing!


It improves one’s health and stamina in all areas of life. It enables one to let go of stress, shed guilt and shame, get in touch with their powerful higher self, and own one’s sexiness.

So, why have you never heard about Tantra?

And if it is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Tantra is one of the best kept secrets in America today, for a variety of reasons.

These wondrous techniques were guarded secrets passed down from student to pupil.  Even though it has been practiced around the world for thousands of years, during the Dark Ages many of these secrets were temporarily lost.

Then, during the expansion of Christianity and Islam, Tantra was suppressed even further, because Tantra was a spiritual practice that did not require a religious structure, and it was viewed as competition.

Today, Governments and Religions still suppress Tantra because of its power.

Also, big pharma companies desperately want to keep this out of your hands, because if people start becoming joyful naturally, or are able to cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation without drugs, they would
lose billions of dollars.

Tantra is actually the origin of yoga and many types of martial arts, and like these, to really master Tantra, it takes practice. And our culture likes instant gratification, so would rather take a pill that practice, so many never receive the full benefits.

But unlike many practices, Ecstatic Hearts Tantra provides…

                        Consistent,     Measurable,     Repeatable,     Powerful Results…

                                                            just from simple, easy exercises that anyone can do.

And unlike some boring meditations, these activities are dynamic, fun, and sexually stimulating.

Any adult can learn them, and it doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or single.

So, why the heck should you listen to us?

And believe every word you read on this page?

We have made it our Mission in Life to…

Help Others Improve their Romantic Relationships.

Scott trained for 12 years, on how to be an amazing lover before we even met.

We invested many years learning, volunteering and teaching in groups like:

  • Landmark
  • Lifespring/Legacy
  • Millenium3Education
  • Success University
  • Harv Ecker’s Millionaire Mind
  • Tony Robbins
  • OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation
  • …and Many More!

Not counting college, we invested over $100K in personal development workshops. We read hundreds of books, countless blogs and websites, and made Love our Life’s Passion. Scott became a best-selling co-author of the book “Passion: Living the Life you Love” with Tony Robbins, Bryan Tracy, Wayne Dyer, and others.

He even starred in two personal development movies titled,

“The Answer to Everything” and “The Answer to Health”

The Most Powerful Education we Learned in All of This, was Tantra. Scott has been studying and practicing Tantra for over 18 years.   And we have been practicing Together, for over 8 years.

And, during all this time, our personal growth, love life, and spirituality have just kept getting exponentially better!

And unlike many self-styled gurus, relationship counselors, and Tantrists:

We are Happily Married!

I am amazed at how many single, unhappy people are out there giving relationship advice about something they have never had.

I am extremely grateful to have an intimate, rich, and fulfilling relationship with my…

Connected and Deeply Loving, Sexy Husband.

And after 7 years of marriage, our love life just keeps getting more vulnerable, juicy, and fulfilling.

We vibrate with energy daily and bask in the warm glow of love and affection.

If you are a couple that wants to take your relationship to another level,

you may want to receive support from a couple that has achieved what you are seeking.

I think it is also great to have both the male and female perspective on how to have an extraordinary love life.

And, if you don’t have a partner to practice with, take our program and I bet you soon will.

My husband, Scott, learned everything he needed solo, and I am so glad that he did.

Don’t You Deserve to Have An Amazing Love Life Too?

During all this time, our friends increasingly kept asking:

So, we started teaching what we knew.

We began studying Tantra in earnest, so that we could best teach it.  But, I couldn’t find anyone in Texas that taught true Tantra.  Lots of groups that called themselves “Tantra” were either sleazy fronts for prostitution, mystical woo woo groups that didn’t produce results, or religious guru cults.

So, we went back to my proven teachers in California. Scott joined Ipsalu’s Council of Stewards for a year and helped develop new classes with them. We also began exploring other schools of true Tantra and took the best of what was available. We began teaching, practicing, and testing what we learned, to hone it into core essentials.  We then began teaching full-time.

And every month:

We have had a new peak life altering experience.

Each greater than the previous month, that we didn’t believe could be topped!

More importantly, our friends began having magical experiences and telling their friends.

Our community kept growing and becoming more connected and fun.

So, we took ALL of our combined knowledge and experiences with Tantra, personal development, relationships and everything else we knew,

And boiled it down into its most powerful core principles and techniques that we could teach.

Once we started teaching this powerful stuff, things got a little crazy.

We started becoming more popular and our friends started demanding more.

Word started spreading about how we were radically improving relationships and love lives.

We realized, we couldn’t possibly meet the demands of all of our wonderful friends, let alone all of their friends and other’s we had not yet met.  In no time at all, we were growing faster than we could handle.

We took our core principles and techniques and created, short, easily digestible, straightforward videos,

for busy people to learn Tantra in the privacy of their homes.


We are committed to helping people have truly outstanding love lives.

With your support, we can continue providing quality educational content, that is fun to do and will help raise the positive vibration of the planet.

Explore the “Taste of Tantra” Series

This is a unique 12 week course that gracefully and easily teaches you the
core principles and techniques of Ecstatic Hearts Tantra. We will send you one quick video lesson a week to watch with an entertaining, easy homeplay exercise that you can repeat as much as you like between sessions. This program is designed to help you seamlessly incorporate Tantra into your life, such that it will be easier than brushing your teeth. In this way, you will not be overwhelmed, but will effortlessly incorporate the building blocks of Tantra and begin reaping its benefits.

To give you a small sample of what this program can do for you, here are 12 of the amazing gifts that each of these lessons with grant you.

Studies have shown, that this first technique will increase the chances of you Getting Everything You Want by 10 times

The Shift Technique allows the average person to change out of Sadness, Anger or a Funk into Happiness in Less than 2 minutes

The third technique allows you to easily turn any anxious situation almost immediately into an exciting or relaxing one

Fourth, we Demonstrate how to Build Your Orgasmic Energy and Send it Into your Partner Without Touching

The Transmutation Techniques helps Men have Powerful Orgasms Without Ejaculating and Women Access Orgasm more Easily and Naturally

The Witness technique will Unleash your Power and dramatically Accelerate Your Growth

Learn how to Immediately Double the Length and Intensity of your Orgasm

This Chakra Clearing technique will Open your Internal Path to Turn a Trickle of Sexual Energy into a Raging Torrent

We show you what’s stopping you from Having all your Dreams Come True and how to Overcome these Obstacles

Learn a simple way to live in a magically positive world of peace and love

Discover the single most powerful way to dramatically improve your relationships

Secrets of Romance Revealed

Once we started teaching this powerful stuff, things got a little crazy.We started becoming more popular and our friends started demanding more.

We realized, we couldn’t possibly meet the demands of all of our wonderful friends,let alone all of their friends and other’s we had not yet met.

Word started spreading about how we were radically improving relationships and love lives.

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits Tantra has brought to our life, that most of our friends have also experienced:

  • Sense of Well Being, Feeling both Relaxed and Energized while full of Joy.
  • Natural method of Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction, Incontinence, and Premature Ejaculation.
  • Improved Health, Rejuvenating both one’s Mind and Body.
  • Freedom of Self Expression, Release of Baggage, Trauma, Guilt, Shame, and Fear.
  • Increased Sensitivity, Heightened Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, and Touch
  • Elevated Connection with all other People, Animals, the Earth, Nature and God
  • Ability to Send Orgasms into Others, without even touching them
  • Heightened Intuition, Enhanced Connection to Universal Consciousness
  • Deeper, more Intimate Feelings of Love, with a more Open Heart
  • Being totally Present with others, feeling an Ecstatic Communion between Souls.
  • Prolong and Deepen Lovemaking, without getting sore or tired
  • Generate new levels of Sexual Energy, Stamina, and Vibrancy
  • Mind blowing, “Out of this World” Orgasmsmore powerful than you imagine possible.

I know all this must sound a bit crazy and too good to be true.

But this is the real deal.

We certainly didn’t believe the benefits listed above were possible,…. until we began experiencing them for ourselves.

And for a few years, we kept reaching what we thought was a plateau,….

because we couldn’t imagine how it could get any better,

…but our sex just kept on improving!

And now, we are having earthshaking, out of body experiences,

Every month….with no end in sight!



We have become use to expecting the impossible.
It seems like magic, but it is really just science and chemistry,
wrapped up in long lost secrets whose time has come to be
revealed to the world.

For a while, we thought we might be mutants with super powers,
because even our Tantra teachers didn’t seem to be having these incredible experiences,
but then our students started having similar experiences, with far less practice.

It took us 7 years to achieve these
amazing orgasmic experiences…
that now some of our friends were achieving after
just a few weeks..
of simply doing our exercises just 15 minutes a day.
You may be wondering how we can make such amazing claims.
We spent over a yearnonstop researching, testing, and retesting this material, with our students to ensure that it is the very best it can be. And their experiences are the best proof that this works.

Here is just some of what our students had to say:

“Thank you for saving our marriage!”

Our love life has been suffering for some time, we had gotten into a rut and we weren’t feeling the spark anymore. We had tried counseling but with minimal results. Then, we started doing Tantra with you and found what we had been praying for. In just 3 months, we evolved into a deeper more passionate relationship than we thought was possible.

Kat and Josh

“My energy is really starting to surge.”

“ I am in a beautiful partnership with the divine, nature, myself and my partner,that leads me into such incredible moments of bliss that tears stream down my face at the most random moments…watching a sunset, listening to music, a glance, a touch …seeing the Divine in everyone and everything.”


“I feel more grounded and peaceful than I ever have in life before.”

“I use to take medications for an anxiety disorder and bi polar tendencies, now after just a few weeks of practice, I found that I no longer need them.


“My energy is really starting to surge.”

“Not only are my orgasms far more powerful, but they already easily doubled in duration just from the one simple exercise you recommended. Thanks so much!”


Since we started teaching Tantra, Serendipity has begun happening regularly in our lives.

For example, we wanted to travel more to exotic destinations and magically,

a 5 star resort called us to come teach Tantra in Mexico to their International guests.

Here is what a couple of them had to say, where we only taught 1 hour a day

“Their Classes Were Awesome!”

“They were a real joy to have there, so full of life and energy… They were the buzz and highlight of the week and the main thing everyone wanted to talk about. In fact we are so excited, that we will be flying to Texas to join their July 24th weekend workshop in Austin Texas. Tantra was both fun and helped us find new ways to expand our love life; we thought we had done everything, but these folks showed us there is a whole lot more available. It really made this vacation something special.”

Linda Q, San Francisco

“They shifted the fun and freedom of the entire resort into a higher gear.”

“We were only able to attend two of their five classes before we had to go, but just these two hours were a blast and surprisingly powerful. Not only did I laugh harder than I have in as long as I can remember, but we were really aroused and excited afterwards. We also felt deeply connected with the other 24 people that were in our class.We plan to book our next trip when we know they are going to teach/perform there again and recommend doing the same.”

Johnny T in Toronto

Everything we have shared comes from our own, or our friend’s personal experiences.
We cannot guarantee that you personally will receive all of these benefits, or tell you how much time it will take for you to achieve them.

We do believe that this is by far the most powerful practice anyone can do to improve their love life, hands down.

Though some students have gotten off their medications, we do not recommend you do so without your doctor’s guidance, nor have any of these statements be reviewed by the FDA. In fact, we don’t want you to believe anything that we have stated above,

we just want you to try it out for yourself, and see how it transforms your life.

Now, you might be asking yourself how much does all this cost?

Well, ask yourself “How much is my health and vitality worth?”

How much would you give to have your love life so filled with excitement and passion…

that you became the envy of all  your friends and family?

What would you give to become a master lover, so that your partner would do anything to be with you?

The Answer of Course is that Your Ideal Health and Love Life are Priceless.


Also, a year of personal coaching or couples counseling could easily cost over $5K,

Which some of our friends have done, yet they still had better results from our program.

I even know people who quit their job, and lived in poverty for years, just to learn from a guru.
But, we believe that in today’s world, this is not necessary.

People are busy and don’t have as much time as they would like, to invest in their love lives.

So Don’t Worry! We believe in making this as affordable as possible.

If you were really honest with yourself, I am sure you would agree that $199 is a fair price.

Even if it only achieve a fraction of the benefits, others have already had.

You probably realize this is cheap if it can give you…

                        an amazingly romantic, passionate, sexy relationship, for the rest of your life.

And, by the way, sex doesn’t have to stop when we get older.

I know people in their 70s that are still making passionate loveevery day.

Our mission, however, is to spread this powerful work out to everyone possible.

And not all of us, have $199 to pay for something, no matter how great it is.

So, we are not going to charge you $199, or $99, or even $59.

We ask, that you make a one-time donation of only $19.95.

Now, you are probably thinking, “I should jump on this, before they change their mind.”

Indeed, we may be forced to raise this price in the near future, as online marketing becomes more competitive.

So, know that this offer is only available for a limited time.

Our goal is to be sustainable, not get rich.
Your contribution allows us to pay for the expenses necessary, to spread this powerful work to others.

Imagine what the world will be like, when everyone is having:

A totally fulfilled love life,
extraordinary health and stamina,
and pure joyful bliss.

I believe you want this too.

So, don’t be shy about supporting the most powerful way, we know of, to bring this about.

And to help make this a no brainer decision for you…

By taking the “Taste of Tantra” Series, we Guarantee that your love live will improve…

Not just get a little better, but at least twice as good as it has ever been?

Introducing something that has never been offered before:

Double Your Orgasm 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, this is a personal guarantee that if you try the weekly “Taste of Tantra” series,

(specifically, through lesson 7) and don’t have an orgasm that is double the length and intensity of any previous orgasm of your prior life, you will receive a Full Refund, no questions asked.

And, even if during the first 60 days, you are having the best sex of your life, and you create a passionate loving relationship, but are somehow not completely satisfied with your purchase, or if you are in any way displeased with our offerings, or just having a bad day, you will still receive a full refund, with no hassle or hoops to jump through.

Just send an email, requesting a refund, to It’s that simple.

You have nothing to lose. We are taking all the risks, while you get all of the rewards.

But that’s not all

Check out this Bonus Gift you will receive for signing up today

“Ecstatic Hearts Tantra” an explanation of what our style of Tantra is, how it works and benefits you can expect from it, based on our and other’s personal experiences. We discuss the origins, philosophy, and practices of Tantra. And we answer common questions and discuss how to integrate Tantra into your life. This video is easily worth $20 all by itself.

This Extremely Valuable Video is Yours, For FREE

So,Take Action Now, and start enjoying your new life within just a couple of minutes.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. If you are serious about wanting more energy, connection, or just straight up fun in your life, now is your chance to access these amazingly simple secrets that can transform your life. You are at a crossroads now and just have two very different options, that will lead to very different lives.

Option 1: Mediocrity

Do nothing and settle for what you have now, that is probably in declineI thought my love life was pretty fantastic before Tantra, but man, was I missing out. Now, I believe that anyone whom is not practicing Tantra has, at best, a mediocre love life. If you leave now, you may very well wonder if you made a mistake. If things get rocky in your relationship, you won’t have this course to bail you out. When your friends are talking about how their love lives are reaching new heights, you may feel left behind and that you missed the opportunity of a lifetime. You don’t want that, so you should seriously consider

Option 2: Magical

Say Yes to your Future, and take the simple action of clicking the button below to enter your payment information. Don’t fool yourself into believing you will come back later to do it. Life is now, and who knows what may get in the way, in the future. Then, watch how your life magically unfolds in amazing ways that you can’t possible imagine.

Yes, I want an Outstanding hot and sexy Love Life

Still here….. I understand.

It is natural that you may have some follow up questionsLet’s see if we can answer some.

Ecstatic Hearts Tantra is in no way religious and you don’t have to believe anything, for it to work.

We take your privacy very seriously and will never rent, sell, or share your confidential information with anyone.

Tantra is safe, 100% natural, and proven to work.

A recent study showed that the chemicals released from Tantric Sex, such as Oxytocin and Dopa-mine, were so high that they were compared to that achieved from powerful drugs. But, you will get massive results, without taking any drugs or supplements that have potentially life threatening side effects or dependencies.

Tantra is a proven scientific system, with reliable results, that anyone who practices, will experience.

Most of the physical “exercises” consist of breathing, stretching and movement, that don’t require any great level of dexterity or endurance, and is suitable for almost any age.

This is the miracle game changer you have been craving

You won’t believe how energized and healthy you will feel after making love all night, even if your current norm is being worn out and exhausted after 10 minutes.  And if investing 15 minutes a day seems intimidating, don’t stress about it.  You can have amazing results, by just practicing once a week (i.e. incorporating it into a date.) It just may take you a little longer to achieve your optimum potential.

Frankly, we hardly “practiced” any specific techniques other than in making love for the first few years of our marriage and still had extraordinary results that lasted hours. It just became more mind blowing when we started practicing more regularly. Plus, these techniques aren’t long periods of silent, boring meditation or stretching in painful positions, but are fun, dynamic, joyful experiences that make you feel good.

Tantra has truly been one of our greatest blessings in life.

And we are eternally grateful!

So, stop waiting for life to get better, and come see what a difference this can make.

If you aren’t inspired yet, just check out what is available and you will soon be.

We believe this is going to start spreading like wildfire.

Don’t be left behind, but join those of us riding the front of this wave and reap the most rewards.

Free Lesson: Do you know what the both men and women find extremely attractive….


The ability to see something you want and go after it, no matter what it takes.

There is just one tiny, easy decision between you and having your dreams fulfilled.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but you already know what you need to do.

Your purchase will be completely discreet and entirely risk free.

So do nothing and get nothing, or join now and gain access to the amazing films and training videos,

that will most likely improve your life beyond your wildest dreams.  It certainly did for us!

And, it has improved the lives of everyone we know who has implemented these basic techniques.

Click the button below now and you will have a lifetime of results.

Can’t wait to hear your success story.

With Passion,

Melanie and Scott McClure

P.S. We really don’t want to pressure you; it just kills us that you haven’t decided to check out this amazing opportunity yet. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Listen, this program has been proven that it works.

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